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Presentation of the Technoshamanism network. Concepts, practices, festivals, international connection. Also speak of the urgency of thinking ancestry and future (Ancesterfuturism). Http://

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Tecnoshamanism is an international network for people interested in living out their ideas in everyday life while focusing on open science, open technology, free and DIY cosmological visions and feel the necessity of maintaining a strong connection to the Earth as a living, ecological organism.

In recent years, we have had meetings in Spain, England, Denmark, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Germany, and Switzerland. In November 2016, we had the II International Festival of Technoshamanism in the indigenous Pataxó village of Pará in Bahia, Brazil.

The purpoose of this presentation is to discuss technoshamanism as outlined above and to strengthen and grow this network, hopefully reaching out to new partners in Brazil and beyond.

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