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lecture: Blockchains for a Better World

From Napster to Bitcoin to Ethereum to Statebox: saving the planet with category theory


The blockchain invention allow us to take our freedom back and save the planet. This talk explains the fundamentals of blockchains, no fluffy talk and no unnecessary details. At the end of the talk you should be able to build your own stateful P2P network. We also demonstrate the Statebox system and some applications.


Blockchains are an invention to build stateful P2P networks. Programs running on such networks are called smart contracts. Statebox uses concepts from category theory to build a provably correct modular graphical programming language for smart contracts. Using this we can build transparant supply chains to fight corruption and we can even build a new internet: composable, visual and unstoppable. The future is bright!

Systems: bitcoin, ethereum, zcash, tendermint

Topics: asymmetric encryption & signatures, content addressing & DHTs, proof of work, zero knowledge proofs & holomorphic encryption, state/transition machines, distributed consensus (CASPER, PoW, classical BFT), CAP-theorem

Advanced topics & Statebox: semantic web, type theory, total functional programming, operads and categorical databases.