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Speaker: safo poeta


Fabiane M. Borges Lives in Rio de Janeiro, is Clinical Psychologyst, Artist and Essayist. Currently do a Post Phd in Art and Technology at NANO/PPGAV/EBA/UFRJ,where do research about Space Art and Culture (sideral). Her field of action is Art/Technology/Subjectivity.

Fabiane M. Borges is a Clinical Psychologist, Artist and Essayist. Do a Post-Phd in Space Art - Culture). Did a PhD in Clinical Psychology (Subjectivity Center PUC / SP – with residency in Visual Arts at Goldsmiths University of London). Research on art and technology, subjectivity, shamanism and immersive processes. Works with groups, collectives and networks since 2000 developing a series of actions as ACMSTC (Contemporary Art in no center ceiling Movement (Occupation Prestes Maia – São Paulo / 2003), Seamless integration Posse (Occupation Prestes Maia – São Paulo / 2004 -2007), Festivals of Submidialogy (Brazil / 2006-2010), Tecnoxamanismo festivals (Brazil-Ecuador-Denmark / 2014 -…) Between exhibitions include:. Transmedialle (Berlin / 2014 to 2016), Art in orbit (curator at the CAC – Ecuador / 2015), Poetic SEA Dissent (Rio de Janeiro / 2013) and Arid Poetry Zone (Rio de Janeiro / 2015), Malm (Goethe Institute – Porto Alegre 2015)., etc. Works with . individual and group clinical makes and virtual therapeutic care.