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workshop: Hack North Korea

Flash Drives for Freedom

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HRF North Korea Program team will prepare a presentation to educate SHA 2017 participants about how information is currently brought into the tightly controlled closed regime—whether via leaflets dropped by helium-nitrogen balloons, on USB drives and DVDs, or by shortwave radio. The session will explore how individuals and organizations can
improve current techniques to hack the regime’s information monopoly and accelerate the influx of outside information.
#Privacy #Politics #Sharing

The participants will then build on this existing knowledge and
brainstorm new and innovative ways of getting information past the North Korean regime’s information blockade. Join this conversation to learn how technology is leading an information revolution in the struggle for a free North Korea.
We’ll focus on three major questions:
1.How has the recent influx of culture and information changed the way ordinary
North Koreans live and relate to one another?
2.How can we more effectively get outside news and information into North Korea?
3.How can new technology be utilized to hack the North Korean regime’s information monopoly?