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lecture: Beyond the Titanic

Learning from dataleaks


Slowly ignorance over dataleaks are vanishing. We start to accept that there are vulnerabilities that affect us on a daily basis. Yet we are terribly slow in learning from these incidents. What would you learn if you were to dig deeper into dataleaks as if it were a disaster? During this presentation we explore some lessons learnt.
#Privacy #Society

Before the titannic many nations refured to live up to minimal standards. But the disaster was a grim wake-up call for the world. Now we have the treaty Safety of Life at Sea. We finally publicly investigate incidents and we learn from what went wrong. For some strange reason this is not the norm in the ICT-industry. We learn slowly or never at all.

During this talk we explore some incidents and try to look beyond the technical failure. Where do things really go wrong? Why is it so hard to change? Using real life cases we'll figure out what are the leading factors for incidents to occur.


Day: 2017-08-05
Start time: 17:20
Duration: 01:00
Room: Pa
Track: Curated by SHA2017



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