Version Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life

Speaker: Bobo_PK


Primary school teacher with no coding skills but a passion for computers, gaming consoles, chiptune and all the cyber you got. Also privacy advocate in the students parliament and committee.

I have been working in the students committee for the last 3 years as privacy commissioner. At 27c3 I became aware of the CCC and participated at "congress everywhere" and have been a yearly participant since then in the real deal. Since last year I have started to make chiptune music with my Game Boy using Nanoloop. I'm interested in arts, politics and all kind of computer related topics although I can not code at all. Nevertheless I visit talks that are way beyond my level to get more knowledge. My french is not up to date but it is enough to survive in France and not get lost. I'm glad that I have found you people. You are awesome.