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concert: ToSeBit Chiptune

A Game Boy is all you need

Tosebit chiptune glitched nl2

I make electronic music using my classic and new Game Boys (DMG and DS) using Nanoloop.

My mentor and friend ToBit, who unfortunately can not participate, dragged me into the world of Nanoloop. A 16 step looper and synthesizer for the classic (DMG-01) Game Boy and the Game Boy Advance, that makes awesome tunes on big speakers. If you are in doubt here is a live (line)record of our very first concert we ever gave with no playlits, synchickups and all fun you might experience while playing live. ToBit gave me a few of his loops so that he can virtually participate.
If you like it and have a Game Boy with you, hit me up after the concert and try it out yourself. I do have a second alsmost empty nanoloop card with me. Also, I just found out that nanoloop offers you to prerecord a playlist of your loops. Yet I have no idea how to use it so all build loops will be played and tinkered live and in time.

PS: Bring all your LED stuff you have and let it blink


Day: 2017-08-05
Start time: 20:00
Duration: 01:15
Room: Music Lounge



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