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Speaker: Off<>zz

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Offzz, Felipe Ignacio Noriega (live coding) and Anne Veinberg (piano),is an ensemble which draws from classical music practices to morph live coding and piano performance into a ‘beyond’ classical music experience. Felipe is a composer, programmer and live-coding artist, and Anne is a professional pianist and PhD candidate in collaborating with live coders.

Offzz is an ongoing project which explores the possibilities between live coding and acoustic instrumental performance within the classical music sphere. The duo is unique in its contribution to the live-coding and broader music scene, creating both adventurous music and alternative approaches to performance. They regularly live-stream and experiment with audience engagement and contribution through live-chat and interactive apps during performance.

Offzz has performed around the world at both music festivals and coding conferences. One of their tracks will be soon released on the ODD7 label featuring current artists who are musically representing the Live Coding phenomenon.

Felipe Ignacio Noriega is a composer, programmer and live-coding artist born in Mexico City in 1982 and now living in Amsterdam. He collaborates in various settings where a common subject is the incorporation of coding as a performative and aesthetic principle. His work explores music, installations, opera, theater and new methodologies of interdisciplinary collaboration and inter-communication. He is an active member of the currently growing live-coding community which embraces code as an art form.

Ignacio graduated Cum Laude from the Masters in composition at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2013. He has won many composition competitions and grants in the Netherlands including the Young Artist Fund Amsterdam 2015 and the ADE SoundLab 2016.

Parallel to his artistic activities, he engages as a freelance software specialist for aiding in the development of web and mobile based solutions both in the cultural and the commercial sector. His experience developing non-artistic products has come to influence his artistic programming style, culminating in his current trend of merging both worlds into one artistic entity. Ignacio believes in open source and shared knowledge, this has lead to most of his development projects to be live-streamed for free though the online platform, and much of his code is publicly available through github.

Anne Veinberg (1986) is a versatile classical pianist encompassing repertoire of a wide range of stylistic influences, from classical to electro and theatrical works. She completed her Masters at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam in 2012 and performs throughout Australia and Europe, as soloist, improviser, chamber and large ensemble. She regularly collaborates with composers, commissioning and premiering new works, with a particular interest in theatrical projects and music for piano and electronics.

Anne has a strong interest in working with live coding and was a featured collaborative artist for the International Conference on Live Coding (ICLC) in 2015, and part of the steering committee for ICLC in 2016. Recently, she has been experimenting in combining live coding with piano playing simultaneously, making her an ideal collaborator for this project.