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concert: Off<>zz Code and Piano Concert

“Code Our Glance” and beta “CodeKlavier”

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For SHA2017, Offzz will present a two part music concert of piano and live coding.
In the first part, we will present “Code Our Glance”: a 30min musical journey where the audience influences the performance through an interactive web-application. The second part will feature the beta version of the CodeKlavier: a new project in which a pianist is able to code through playing the piano.


Offzz is a laptop and piano/toy piano duo exploring electro-acoustic music via improvisation, live coding, and transformation of our classical-music influences into a more collective experience. Our SHA2017 performance consists of two parts: “Code Our Glance” and the beta “CodeKlavier”

In “Code Our Glance”, Anne plays the piano, and Felipe will live code sound effects and synthesis. Audience members are invited to log onto our real-time web-application, through their mobile devices, and shape the structure of our performance by manipulating the time interval in which we develop the musical ideas. Furthermore, they can make suggestions to the the style of music to come and comment on the events as they experience them. Besides the musical outcome of such a performance, the extra social element of the audience co-operation on the time interval and the performers’ selection from the audience suggestions and comments adds an extra layer to the overall experience. More information can be found following the "Code Our Glance" link.

2. The “CodeKlavier” is a system created by Offzz which allows one to code through playing the piano as a performative experience. Stemming from the live coding tradition in music, the CodeKlavier would allow a pianist to live code their own electronic effects and synthetic accompanying sounds whilst playing the piano. With further development, the CodeKlavier could ultimately prove to be a tool to redefine paradigms in programming, since coding with a musical mind would change the way we are able to design and encourage a variety of personalized software solutions. Presenting the beta CodeKlavier at SHA2017 would help shape the next step of this project.