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workshop: Run your own VPN provider

workshop how to deploy: Let's Connect VPN

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Easy to install and secure VPN service that respects your privacy

Public wifi hotspots in a hotel, restaurant or train are generally unsafe. There is a risk of being eavesdropped or tracked by someone on the same network or by malicious software. A virtual private network (VPN) sends all data over an encrypted connection and offers a safe and secure path to the internet. There are hardly any Internet Service Providers (ISP) that provide VPN services to their customers and setting it up yourself is rather cumbersome. The few ones that do offer VPN haven’t been able to offer a modern and user-friendly experience to their users. There are a lot of other VPN solutions around, but most of them do not provide sufficient security en privacy to their users.

Let’s Connect provides an open source VPN solution allowing ISP’s, hosters and bussinesses to easily setup a secure VPN service. Even security minded people will be able to deploy it in a home environment. After deployment, users have a safe path from all generic devices.

Let's Connect VPN offers open-source apps for Android, IOS, Windows and OSX. Which enables an easy to use VPN experience for users.

During Sha2017 we will provide a 1-hour workshop about how to install and deploy Let's Connect VPN yourself. For clients only the Android app is available yet, but a 'default' OpenVPN client will also work.

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