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lecture: Let There be Light

Adventures in LED Lighting

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The talk aims to be an introduction to LED lighting, how to create lighting hardware, what regulations and protocols are involved and how lighting can generally improve human wellbeing.

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EU Regulation No 244/2009 (ecodesign requirements for non-directional household lamps) put an end to incandescent lamps. It was intended to reduce electricity use in lighting but turned out to be quite alienating: people hated the light produced by new compact fluorescent lamps with such a passion that incandescent light bulbs were being stockpiled and sold as heat-globes.

While a lot of the criticism of permissible lighting is based on prejudice, incandescent bulbs do have a number of advantages. LEDs could bring a better replacement. However, they also bring a number of challenges: providing precise color temperature, accurate color rendering and dimming over a wide brightness range without artefacts. Last but not least, consumers expect their lighting system to be integrated into their “smart home” and be controllable by any number of protocols that the industry has come up with ranging from Zigbee to BLE, DMX and DALI.

We aim to provide an overview of the metrics used to evaluate the quality of light, applicable regulations and of the most common protocols involved in lighting. Finally, we want to share some of the practical solutions that we learned while implementing an LED lighting solution.