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lecture: Regulating Law Enforcement use of Trojans

Implementing a Law to juridically, operationally and technically regulate the uses of Trojan in Italy

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The complexity of implementing a policy (law) and related operational and technical procedures to regulate the uses of Trojan by Law Enforcement in a way that protect civil rights while not preventing investigations from going on with the right balance of juridical/technical implementation.

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This talk will explain what the legal and related technical and operational problems with the uses of Trojan by law enforcement are (note: only LEA, we are not speaking of intelligence/NSA/GCHQ/etc).

We've setup in Italy a team of a technologist MP, a IT-skilled Lawyers and an Hacker/Privacy Activists, to goes trough the difficult trip to achieve the implementation of a Legislation that works either on paper, either technically that can have a shared consensus among usually opposing parties such as civil rights organization and security apparatus (law enforcement & prosecutors).

We'll explain the bit of history and experience in setting up such a law (how to do it in your own country!), which are the logical framework, the juridical framework, the operational framework and the technical choices to do it.

We hope that this experience represent a milestone in regulating something (the Trojan) that are here to stay, given the increase of default IP encryption with the corresponding decrease in investigative power trough passive IP surveillance system.