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lecture: Digital dissent in Latin America

How the Internet is impacting organizing and dissent in Latin America

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The Internet isn't global.

Only half of the world is connected to the Internet, English is still the largest language in terms of content and knowledge is increasingly privatized either through patented code (owned mostly by Sillicon Valley companies) or via obscure trade agreements pushed by the United States.

How is the Internet used in Latin America to organize, resist repression and counter digital colonialism?

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Digital dissidence makes more sense in weak democratic
contexts. Expression through public spaces, services and infrastructures
become crucial when offline realities are dangerous, or when narratives
are coopted. Nonetheless in Latin America, online structures are
themselves tools for marginalization: not everyone is connected, and
those who are cannot make intermediaries accountable. In this talk we'll
look at several cases in the region ranging from ciberfeminist
intiatives, to alternative networks and protest movements in the region.
*Can we imagine different ways of organizing?*