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TEETH, Hippis from Hell, Them F*cking Robots


Last decades I have made 3 films with technological aspects.
Since I am not a nerd, but a writer/ journalist/ filmmaker with an interest in technology, science and, I can offer SHA to show my 3 films (eventually the last one TEETH with a short lecture). For debate and for fun.
You can find more about me and my work on my own company
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My last film TEETH (English version) 40 minutes, jan 2017, shows aspects of how culture and teeth are connected. Actually dentists are, when it comes to technology, really avant-garde, using new materials and use their interest in new scientific developments.
I would love to show the film TEETH and give a short lecture about dentistry and technology.

My second movie (Vesna asked me to contribute this old film too), 50 minutes, is called Hippies from Hell - about the Dutch Hackergroup around Rop Gonggrijp film is from 1999.

My third film is Them Fucking Robots (50 minutes) 2007 about the robotic-artist Norman White, who was teaching technology on a very hands-on way in Canada, Toronto, allready in the 70-ies in Art Academy. A lot of his students who work with 'new media' and robotics are working in Europe, that's also how I heard about this famous Canadian.
For more information see link below of my own company Poppe & Partners under portfolio, video: