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meeting: Open cybertable

Come learn new things, come share your knowledge.

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Do you have an interest in computer or network security but you need help establishing grounds? Or you feel like a pro h4x0r that could teach over 9000 newbies? Come in, ask questions give answers and learn!

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The open cybertable is intended as a lightly moderated meeting to pass on knowledge to the next generation of hackers. The activity consists on sitting around in a circle like shape so that all can see all and keep a distended talk about security topics where all participants can put new questions on discussions.

The rules that participants are expected to follow are:
* Respect each other.
* Don't interrupt the one speaking.
* No question is stupid enough.
* If you have something to share on the current topic, go ahead!

The whole idea is creating a friendly environment where hackers with more experience can share their knowledge with those that are starting or less experienced. As with any learning experiece, this usually has positive effects for both, experienced hackers can see their own knowledge challenged by the questions those forcing themselves to explore it in depth reinforcing it, they may also learn new points of views and topics that they may not have discovered otherwise. On the other hand, the ones that are starting will get a lot of new knowledge and focused answers to their questions that can help them in becoming better hackers in the future.