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workshop: Get more work area from a CNC machine

How to index work on a NXTstep cnc machine by way of example


This workshop will demonstrate how it is possible to go beyond the initial size limits of a cnc machine through indexing work.

The principle can be applied to most cnc machines. This workshop will show how the method can be applied to a NXTstep cnc machine. The event will also provide an overview of the machine itself.

There are a number of items of software that can split G code into sections. The workshop will introduce these methods. Once the code is prepared work can me indexed in sections to make larger items than the limits of travel on a cnc machine.

In the case of NXTstep cnc the work is placed on an indexing platform rather than moving the machine itself. The workshop will show how it is possible to make larger items in smaller domestic spaces.

This is a drop in session where participants can stay as long as they wish depending on the amount of information they want to gain.