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lecture: Internet-wide measurements: past, present and future [NEW: we'll scan during SHA live from Day 1]

Towards a holistic picture of the Internet's infrastructure and it's activity

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This workshop will present past, present and possible future scanning strategies for the IPv4 address space (and beyond), BGP monitoring-, keeping track of AS/IP transitions, data correlation, error detection and globally distributed scanning. The participants will learn about different scanning methodologies (past & presently used), ongoing efforts by researchers, NGOs and RIRs. Next we'll introduce them to the concepts of running their own internet-wide scans and give them the possibility to try out their ideas on-site.

ATTENTION: The workshop doesn't require in-depth knowledge, but you should be familiar with Bash or Python scripting, Linux and TCP/IP basics.

SCANS DURING SHA2017: from day 1 until and after the workshop we will run IPv4-wide scans (among others) live on the internet via the SHA2017 uplink. You may participate on-site or remotely by submitting scans/ideas to `` - more details and collaboration via this document:

The presenter has been involved in internet-wide scanning for the past ~3 years and has co-authored several publications as a result of their scanning activity. But it's time to merge scanning efforts and take a step back to critically analyze our current scanning strategies, their longevity and reflect on the data - as well as ethical and privacy related questions - they yield.