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lecture: The Hackeboy handheld game console

Retro-gaming on open hardware

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Hackefuffel is a small indie game label of 8-bit-heads from Hamburg. In late 2016 we decided to build the (open) retro-gaming console we always wanted...modern hardware, but old scholl spirit, and that's when Hackeboy was born. The first prototype was built at 33c3 and it has come a long way since then. In this talk we'll show you what we've built, what worked, what didn't and what we learned on the way...and of course invite you to remix the hardware, develop your own games and of course play them! :-)

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Hackefuffel is a small indie game label from Hamburg. We've been in love with 8-bit looks and (now retro) gaming for 30 years now. We released titles for retro-platforms like the Arduboy or the PICO-8. In late 2016 we decided to build the habdheld console we always dreamed of: The latest in modern hardware combined with a proper old-school approach to the programming model, the runtime environment and the games themselves.

And so the Hackeboy project was born. Going from a first few design sketches in late 2016, we started prototyping the hardware at 33c3 in Hamburg. The first prototype was quickly done and we'll have a first revision in late spring; with lots of sensors and inputs, two screens (one for your opponent) and wireless networking. Oh, and proper game cartridges of course!

We'll make all design files and source code available so people can build one themselves or remix the hardware for their own ideas. If enough people are interested, we may even sell kits one day...

We're showing the development on our blog at and at a source repository soon.

We'll bring enough Hackeboy prototypes and blank cartridges and run workshops all through SHA2017, so people can try it out, start coding a game or add something new to it's hardware that noone else thought of before. Maybe make it talk to the SHA2017 badge?

In this talk we'd like to introduce you to Hackeboy, it's hardware, the development environment and how to make games for it. We've learned many things on the way to our dream console, and we'd like to share those stories with other retro-gamers and hardware hackers...because actually, making your own gaming console is not quite that hard... ;-)