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lecture: Zanshin Tech: the digital martial art

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What do you get when you cross cybersecurity themes with the mindset and the discipline of martial arts? You get the Zanshin Tech.

Zanshin Tech is a digital martial art focusing on the digital aggression and teaching how to use mind and technology to avoid, solve or stop the conflict.

Through continuous practice, both youth and adults learn how to identify and manage Cyberbullying, Child enticement, Cyberstalking and much more.

The lecture is intended to introduce the discipline of Zanshin Tech, describing the activities, the educational method and the structure of the art itself.

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The Zanshin Tech has been taught in Italy since 2014, starting from a single dojo, the teaching spread quickly across the country. At the beginning of 2017 more than 20 dojos are about to open, with a massive training of more than 100 future instructors.

Students of Zanshin Tech has successfully solved cyberbullying attacks, discovered and scared away adults pretending to be young boys and trying to entice them, avoided attacks to their friends and family and even helping the bullies.

The key concepts in the Zanshin Tech teaching are: honor (never attack), respect (for everyone, including the attacker), study of every kind of technology, humanity and justice.