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workshop: Decentralize! Self-hosting in your own home using Sovereign

act up on decentralization

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Centralized services enable mass surveillance, control and censorship. Decentralization on the other hand can be laborious. The Sovereign project makes it easy to run your own dirt-cheap dedicated server for mail and many other services.


Running your own mail server can be intimidating, but it's really not that difficult if you use the right tools. Open source Ansible playbooks will setup your personal cloud, providing good privacy, strong encryption, spam protection and minimizing metadata. By using dedicated low-cost hardware running in your own home, you reclaim your privacy. Combined with a VPS it's a cheap and flexible solution to the urgent need for more dezentralization.
In this workshop I'll go over the installation and configuration of a private server using Sovereign and a VPN connection to a VPS as well as related topics such as DNS and RBLs. After the lecture part you can give it a try yourself!