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workshop: SSH - From Zero to Hero (Workshop)

Impress your friends with your freshly acquired SSH knowledge

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So you have used SSH from the command line? Even used scp to transfer files. Let us help taking SSH to the next level. In this two hour workshop, we will set up a nice SSH config for your local client and also create certificates to help you save time and reduce typing.

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Securely connecting though several host to a remote server and obfuscating the local configuration will also be part of the workshop. If there is time, we will also look at the server side of things and work through a few possible improvements.
This workshops targets beginner to intermediate SSH users. As long as you have a fairly recent command line OpenSSH client, you are welcome no matter what operating system you are using. Basic knowledge of the Linux or BSD command line is required. (navigating the file system, editing files, ...).
OpenSSH 7.4 or higher recommended!