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Speaker: Marco Calamari

Marco calamari

Privacy, transparency & civil rights addicted

Born 1955, sometimes know as Cassandra, at age 18 needed to decide if buy an used car or a pc; his choice was the pc and since then has not yet fully recovered.
Graduated cum laude at Pisa University Ph. D. in nuclear engineering,
He works as a legacy code archeologist in a big multinational company, but is passionate about privacy & cryptography on Internet and does advocacy & contributions on FOSS software projects like Freenet, Mixmaster, Mixminion, Tor & GlobaLaks.
Is founder of PWS - Progetto Winston Smith and founder and Member of the Board of Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights.
Since 2002 he organize yearly in Florence and other Italian cities the "e-privacy" congress on privacy & transparency issues in digital age.
Writes about Matrix issues both in ICT and generalist newspapers and magazines; he is columnist at "Punto Informatico" where from 2008 writes the "Cassandra Crossing" weekly column.