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Jeroen ecp 300

Jeroen is an academic, hacker, tinkerer and thinker, member of Randomdata. He works at the National Cyber Security Centre, and holds a guest appointment at TUDelft and University of Amsterdam.

Jeroen van der Ham received his MSc in Artificial Intelligence from Utrecht University in 2002, his MSc in System and Network Engineering in 2004, and his PhD in 2010, both at the University of Amsterdam, after which he continued his research at the same Network Engineering research group. In 2013 he switched to teaching at the System and Network Engineering Master and focused on security, and especially ethics in security. This led to the founding one of the first ethical committees in a computer science education. Since the beginning of 2015 he works at the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) as a security researcher, where he works on Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (aka Responsible Disclosure), privacy aspects of incident response and thinks about ethics in cybersecurity.