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Speaker: Tijmen Schep

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Tijmen Schep is a technology critic and privacy designer.

Tijmen Schep is a technology critic and privacy designer who helps people understand and deal with data issues. He coined the term “Social Cooling” and “click fear”, and often speaks publicly about that ways in which our information society has unforeseen chilling effects on free speech and our willingness to take risks. An example is his presentation at TEDx 2006 in Utrecht.

He wrote the book “Design my Privacy” which is used by design academies across the Netherlands.

He also co-founded SETUP, a Dutch non-profit that uses humor to explain data-issues to a wider audience. In the DIY NSA project they scraped together a database of all Dutch people from public online sources, promoting it as a ‘National Birthday Calendar’. Another example is “taste your status”, a coffee machine that offers you good or bad coffee depending on your area code. These projects have reached a wide audience, and have been presented at SXSW and CNN.

Photo by Giorgos Gripeos, CC BY