Version Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life

Speaker: Lyndsey Jackson


Lyndsey has energy. She has a talent for finding people's strengths and talents. Then she comes up with plans on how she will connect them and create world domination. Fortunately (or unfortunately) she has no power, money, or agency. Yet.

Lyndsey has a love for the grass roots and is a fan of asset based community development - finding and connecting strengths in people, places and things.

Tokenism makes her eyes glaze over. Bullshit makes her eyes glaze over. Pretend stuff that isn't real makes her eyes glaze over.

Lyndsey fell into tech after a connection at a big Australian Government ideas fest. It was supposed to be a short term gig. Nine years later Lyndsey still lives for tech and the connections and potential it offers.

Without wanting to alarm anyone, Lyndsey believes the future needs more women and "others" in tech. So step aside tech peeps.