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Speaker: Tal Melamed

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Tal is an Application Security Expert. As AppSec Labs' Technical Leader, he is leading a variety of security projects for IoT, Mobile, Web, and Client applications.

Prior to working at AppSec Labs, Tal has worked at Amdocs, CheckPoint and RSA, having more than a decade of experience in security research and security vulnerability assessment.

Tal is a keen speaker; training and lecturing world-wide for secure coding and hacking as well as lecturing in major conferences (OWASP 2016/2107, BsidesTLV 2017, ICIMP 2017, SAFE 2017, COSAC 2017), a neat developer; leading security R&D, including AppUse, iNalyzer and ProKSy, and a security dreamer. Breaking, building & preaching since '99.

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