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Speaker: Tom Lowenthal

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Tom Lowenthal is a privacy activist and security technologist working to make technology safe to use and worthy of trust. He's the staff technologist a the Committee to Protect Journalists, the leading global press freedom watchdog. Tom works in CPJ's Safety and Emergencies program where he researches new and emerging technical threats to the practice of journalism and provides timely safety advice to protect journalists at risk.

Tom previously worked as project coordinator for the Tor Project, and on Mozilla's Privacy and Public Policy team in San Francisco. He has written on tech and policy for Ars Technica and has experience as an emergency medical and technical rescue first responder.

Tom generally avoids making eye-contact with surveillance cameras out of either a peculiar superstition or a bizarre abundance of caution. He is working to incrementally replace himself with a small federation of shell scripts and doesn't know how to react appropriately when he hears someone say “cyber”.