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Speaker: Nuala Gray

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Nuala is an Economist and Entrepreneur focusing on practical activism. Her background is in tech, activism (disability, feminism, GLBT, environment), and behavioral economics. She divides her time between her two countries of the United States and Ireland.

Nuala Gray is an original Hacker and tech Nerd, who is now an Economist, Entrepreneur and as always, a not-so-secret Activist.
She has worked as a consultant for many years in tech, economics, and activism. Nuala’s background in tech, business, economics, and behavioral science allows her to merge these fields for efficient and practical workshops. This past year Nuala has given workshops at Civic Hall (NYC), Platform Cooperativism (NYC), and Aspiration Dev Summit(Oakland). She did speaker consulting at Enspiral Open Society Open Source (Wellington, NZ) and DES2016(Madrid, Spain) as well as prepared study materials for MIT classes.
She is a member of Ctrl-H (Portland, Oregon USA) and the Business Liaison for three Portland associations.
She is the owner of sustainable green building business, Portland Oasis
Currently (due to a changing political climate) she is sending out lots of live feeds of weekly protests, writing a book on Activist Burnout, and prepping for her next Behavioral Economics Study
For fun, she likes to travel with her daughter, dance for the Revolution, and learn from others.