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theater/performance: TOYs

Interactive performative augmented Reality

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I propose to present an interactive scenario with 3D glasses and wireless surveillance cameras. These applications are used by the public in order to enter a hybrid space, mixing haptic and virtual reality, adding a second layer to the public space.


The aim is to let people reflect and participate in order to talk about the future of social interactions in general and yet to still acknowledge how the basic human need for direct communication and affection remains.
The underlying idea is to use an avatar which is actually representing a human performer based in public space. This is a logical consequence of the wide use of AV applications we can now see on an everyday basis and is also considering the significant amounts of time people are already willing to invest in virtual relations, e.g. via social networks.

A professional performer will produce video content from cameras mounted to his or her head, while engaging into a task given by the "player" (member of the public) within public space. This information is then streamed to contemporary 3D glasses used by the "player", creating the effect, that the received material is seen "through the eyes" of another person (the performer), because it is displayed directly in front of the eyes the user. 

This feeling is so immersive, that people will adapt their body and head movement towards the action of the performer because the received video content is so intense. 

Former Presentation of the technology within a larger Context of the project “TOYs“
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