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lecture: Life is too short for playing classic sports...

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In this presentation, I'll try to convince the audience how the CTF challenges can be extremely fun and very enlightening. A powerful weapon against the discouragement in the area.
#NetworkSecurity #Gaming

Do your friends call you all the time for playing sports? And you don't feel like any interest? Maybe you should join to the CTF community and then you will have a sport for bragging about! And you will have all the pain as they have playing: back pains, hurting arm, red eye and counting. But this time doing something that you actually enjoy! Besides that, more reasons for yo!

1 - Maybe you are not that hacker rockstar that you think you are
yeah - you will see ;D

2 - It's sooooo 1337
so many awesome challenges!

3 - You can actually learn something
for real.

4 - You can actually teach something
for real.

5 - There's a world ranking for that!
pretty cool, right?

Not convinced? Join me at this talk and I will try to take you to the dark side (or bright? doesn't matter =D)!


Day: 2017-08-04
Start time: 22:20
Duration: 01:00
Room: Re
Track: Curated by SHA2017



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