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lecture: Cryptography beyond Encryption and Signatures

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This talk will introduce a couple of less well known applications of cryptography.

When asked what Cryptography is about, most hackers will be quick to answer “encryption”.
Many will also think about “signatures” as another crucial aspect for secure communication.

While these are indeed the most prominent subjects of cryptography, they are by no means everything there is.

This talk will show a few examples for what else can be accomplished.
While it will not go into how those things work internally, it should still be enough to give a rough
idea for what the subject is actually about.

Topics: Commitments, Secure Cointosses, Zero-Knowledge-Proofs, Secure-Multiparty-Computation, Voting-Schemes.

Disclaimer: Cryptography is a minefield, so unless you are a cryptographer (and probably even then), NEVER ROLL YOUR OWN CRYPTO!


Day: 2017-08-07
Start time: 17:25
Duration: 00:20
Room: Explody
Track: Curated by SHA2017



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