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workshop: Raspberry Pi Robot Programming

Let the robot find his way through the Parcour

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We show the raspberry pi robot pi2go how it can find his way on his own. There is also time to play around with a labyrinth and invent together a small game challenge.

We have three assembled raspbie-robots, each one will be controlled by one working group. The mentors give some basic introduction and let then time for the creation of own ideas.

Bring your own Laptop with

Open call for mentors: If you feel like mentoring, please get in touch

Note for parents, please respect:

no childcare but insights into creative Python skripting for kids older than nine years parents are warmly welcome Max 15 children

Thank you so much!


Day: 2017-08-06
Start time: 16:00
Duration: 01:00
Room: Family Village
Track: Curated by the Family Village



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