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lecture: Neuralscape Bowels

How to read brainwaves using cheap toys

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The idea of how to transform brainwaves in images and sounds is not new, but with the new digital technologies, it becomes more accessible. During this lecture, will be present how to get this impulses from cheap sensors, and process it with free/open source tools.

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In this lecture, will be introduced for the participants, the basics concepts of how to read/extract electrical waves emitted by a human brain, using special devices for that, and how to convert it to images and sounds, or anything else.
Free/open sources tools will be used during this process (softwares as Processing and Puredata), giving the opportunity for designers, artists and general people with interest in digital interactivity to handle with this kind of "pulse generators".
Also, the proponent suggest a open visit to the work "VOICEOVERS", to explain how the system works in a real exhibition space.