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lecture: Malware: From your text editor, to the United States Government's Lab

How Universities in the US collaborate with the United States Government to make America stronger, and the rest weaker.

220px national security agency headquarters  fort meade  maryland

Ever wonder where your malware ends up after you deploy it? Are you curious how the United States Government researches Cyber Security on the backs of students? First, this is not a technical talk. This is an informative talk on the insides of how the inner workings of an Information Security Lab in one of the Top Technical Universities in the United States works with its Government to provide insights in the world of, as the feds like to call it, "CyberSecurity". (All Americans apologize for Trump. We're sorry.)

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Without disclosing too much information, I worked at one the Top University in the United States, inside an Information Security Lab, where PhD students, some of the brightest minds of our time gathered and were paid to change the world of Information Security forever. From Malware obtained by the Department of Defense and Homeland Security, to Reverse Engineering products still in production, I will take you on a journey only few have ever could go on. A world where raising millions of dollars for the university has little to do with your ability to stay in school. Yes, students are kicked out of PhD programs for not producing good, academic research even if they have helped their school receive funding. Why? Prestige. You either produce, or you get the fuck out. Come learn how cutthroat the Academic system can be, on the highest level, and how the Universities of the US build tools and pass them to the government. There is a happy ending to this story. There is no research they do, that you can't do. I will show you how to avoid the red tape they have to go through, and what makes you limitless.