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workshop: Off Grid: How to mod and make your own hacks pt.2

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Following on from the talk 'Disclosing your 0day's in a videogame mod' and the 1st part of the workshop which covered the basics, this workshop is for anyone who wants to come and learn how to mod 'Off Grid' - a hacking game about surveillance and data privacy - and make their own levels and hacks. Come and hack the game with us!

We'll be going over how to use our LevelKit to build levels and how to mod or create your own Lua scripts to make your own righteous hacks, devices with abhorrent vulnerabilities, or data types that will alter space-time.

Come with a laptop and some unique hacking ideas and Rich and Harry will help you with the rest. No previous knowledge of Lua or game development required :D

Your machine will need to be able to run Unity engine, ( - Windows is the most stable platform, there is a beta version of the Linux Unity editor available but it does have some issues (hence not RC yet) so worth bearing in mind.

Before attending if you could download Unity version 2017.1 that would be great (

Also having Steam installed would be a boon, as this is the easiest way for us to distribute the tools. (

But if you aren’t keen on the platform we will be able to pass you the files directly, you will just want to be happy plugging in a random USB drive :)