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lecture: DNA: The Code of Life

Surprise: it is fully digital!

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DNA is the code of life. It encodes how we are built, how nature operates. Science learns more and more about this uniquely digital language. This talk will excite hackers & anyone who knows a little bit about computing, since it turns out DNA is better explained in terms of bits than in terms of classical biology. Prepare to be blown away!

DNA is fully digital, expressed in a quaternary code (T, C, G and A instead of 0 and 1), where 3 bases form a codon. So the bytes are 3*2=6 bits long. DNA and genomes are the most fascinating data structures on this planet, and likely outside of it. In this talk I will wow you with nature, and hopefully leave you with a understanding of how life operates and a huge sense of awe.

The author spent 18 months contributing to DNA research at TU Delft and was published in The ISME Journal (a Nature publication).