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lecture: Computer crime and criminal law 101

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Legal lecture on Cybercrime for non-legal-experts

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What kind of online activities are illegal these days? Are you safe as a white hat hacker? When do you have to deal with money laundering regulations when trading crypotcurrencies? What is the legal status of these crypto currencies. Is it OK to buy legal goods on the dark web?

Tech-savvy people know there way into digital wonderland. But a lot of them don't know that the law (and especially criminal law) is also part of this world nowadays. We see clients being prosecuted for laundering Bitcoins without even knowing what they did wrong. We see people calling themselves white hat hackers without knowing the difference between legal and illegal hacking.

mr. Van Gemert and mr. Jonkers are attorneys at law (Amsterdam, Netherlands) who are specialized in cybercrime. In roughly 1,5 hour, they will tell about the legal consequences of your online behavior. They will talk about bitcoin-trading, DDoS attacks, illegal downloading, IP-spoofing, hacking, etc.

Not everybody has a first interest in upholding the law, but for those people who are interested in knowing when the legal boundaries are being crossed, this is a must attend lecture!