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theater/performance: Internet Poem

internet is as big as your language

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Reading performance of the poem,
'internet is as big as your language'
aka. 'information superhighway poem'
accompanied by visuals. - First part of series of video, sound performances in progress.
#Community #Making

Blue is the color of digital, as it is also of ocean and sky.
none of them can fulfill the promise of being limitless and boundless.
The land of internet does function like an european country.

Internet is the land of dystopia, of which maps can trick you
depending on the language you speak.
As "... Becoming yourself is largely a matter of
becoming someone who is paid attention to."
dynamics of self representation on the internet
creates a need for anti something pills
the net and game culture
won`t let you in
if you can`t afford that required time and knowledge
and the celebrations of the utopic transhumanism seems to
stand on the side of the totalitarian state of information


Day: 2017-08-06
Start time: 19:50
Duration: 00:15
Room: Re
Track: Curated by SHA2017



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