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lecture: Exploiting Twitter with Tinfoleak for investigative purposes


In this talk, I will present a new version of my tool Tinfoleak, the most complete OSINT open-source tool for Twitter. I will show real examples of how to exploit the information in social networks for investigative tasks. The goal is to see, what kind of information can be extracted about a person or a location, and the purpose with which it can be used, with a live demo. Among other information, I will show useful information for security forces, private investigators, pentesters, social engineers, journalists, security analysts and anyone interested in the privacy or analysis of social networks for investigative purposes.

#Privacy #Society

You are being watched. Not only the government has a secret system: ordinary people; people like you, can spy people every hour of every day. Anyone can get detailed information about you, or your immediate environment. Social networks are a source of information on our professional and personal lives. Among these networks, Twitter highlighted by the activity of its users given the ease of use, simplicity, and available features. However, we are not aware of all the data we provide (in particular, the information provided indirectly) and the use that a third party can make of the information we publish. Even being aware of the existing security risks, we are exposed.

In this talk I will show, for the first time, new features of Tinfoleak. I will explain how to use all the existing functionalities for investigative tasks. The attendees to the presentation will be able to use the new version of Tinfoleak and use their laptops to analyze different scenarios. Several live demonstrations will be performed to show the analytical capacity that can dispose any person. Information will be collected on various targets and will be used to generate intelligence, so that it can help to decision-makers.


Day: 2017-08-08
Start time: 10:00
Duration: 01:00
Room: No
Track: Curated by SHA2017



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