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concert: Open Band

platform for collective sound dialogues

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Open Band, is a project that aims to experience the empowerment of public in musical context, blurring the limits of audience and performers. In this project we seek to create a web based open environment for people to play music together in a kind of web agora, using web technologies to propose an anonymous open chat, were letters are converted to music. Instead of lone playing experience of the musician with his own instrument, we try to extend the power of individual action through a collective network.

Open Band is a collective performance, that deals with a contradiction of the social media, that is the apartness of the individual on their devices social media, to propose a collective sound intervention, where the audience interacts through an anonymous chat interface that converts text into sound messages.
In a closed Wi-Fi network, everyone in the audience is invited to enter a website address, where there's an input for text messages. Once one message is sent, it's sent back to everyone and played in every connected device as a sequence of sounds, like musical phrases, with very low latency. Each letter is translated into a sample, and the words are played as sound sequences. As people join the conversation, the sound layer becomes more dense and entropic.
For the new version we will have an anti blabbering dispositive that will lower the volume of longer text messages, helping also to improve variations on piece's dynamics, and add the possibility to play sent messages as loops.


Day: 2017-08-07
Start time: 19:00
Duration: 00:30
Room: Music Lounge
Track: Curated by SHA2017



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