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lecture: Copyfighters

How can we make sure that young people's voices are heard in the copyright debate

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Copyright is failing young people and their usage of the internet everyday, but a positive change will not come on its own. We present the outcomes of our copyright campaign so far, discuss how to move forward and engage with young participants of SHA2017.

In 2017, the debate on copyright reform on a European level is heading to its peak as the European Parliament is discussing a possible change in law. Unfortunately, young people's voices have not been heard and it looks a lot like the status quo will not change much. Therefore Young Pirates of Europe, the European federation of digital rights youth organisations, has dedicated its work plan of 2017 to engaging wholly in the debate, outreaching to young people all over Europe and campaigning for positive change. Supported by the Council of Europe's European Youth Foundation, we organise a series of events where we gather the European youth's vision on copyright and create a network of young campaigners that stand up and reach out to policy makers and the public to achieve a modern copyright reform.