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workshop: Let's stop EU copyright expansion

If you like untaxed links and unsurveilled uploads, you have to join the fight now.


European Commission plans are underway to introduce an extra copyright for news sites and an obligation for internet platforms to surveil all user uploads in the EU. We can still stop these dangerous plans, but not without your help.
#Copyright #Politics

If the legal proposal currently before the European Parliament is implemented, sharing/copying even the shortest snippet from a news article, e.g. a thumbnail image or the title, would require a license. And all platforms hosting "large amounts" of user-generated content will have to scan each upload for copyright infringements.

Independent academic experts agree that these plans will not only fail to achieve their stated goals, but cause massive collateral damage to free speech, to small publishers, to European tech companies and to the EU internet itself.

I'll explain details about the proposals, how it could get this far, who we need to convince to make them fail, and how we might achieve that.

Then we'll develop campaign ideas together, to be implemented this fall.

Full disclosure: I work for MEP Julia Reda (European Pirates, Greens/EFA group)