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workshop: Balloon folding workshop

How to amaze you friends and kids with useless skills


Balloon folding looks complicated, but actually isn't. If you ever wanted to learn this skill now is your change.

Bring a positive attitude, leave behind you fear of the sound of popping balloons and with a little bit op guidance an practise you will be ok. #youth

In this workshop we will start with the basics. How to inflate and tie a balloon and then the 8 folding techniques. Once you have mastered these basic techniques you are ready to go.

We will provide the balloons, the pumps and the instructions. There will be instruction cards in Dutch and English for you to practise and you can DuckDuckGo for more figures as you get more advanced.

Parents: there is only one instructor at this event and the primary language will be English even tough I speak Dutch. I your kid wants to learn this, please come along to help them.