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workshop: Let's hack words

Creative Writing

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Within the framework of the "Hacking Words" writing workshop, interested participants will deal with this year's theme of the Shah2017: resilience. The creative writing principle is written for 30 minutes. There is only one motto: do not think of rules, readers, quality or your inner censor. Instead, it is about putting first ideas to paper and getting into the write flow.


You can hack everything - why not words? This works as follows: Take the topic of the SHA2017: Resilience. Then draw your inner censor on a flat paper, crush it and throw it into the trash can. Let's go! Everyone writes for him/herself for 30 minutes. Everything that comes to your mind can be put on paper. This can be about the motto itself, or why you are actually there. In the end, all your thoughts were written down - and can either be used as an idea for a short story, novel or next journalistic work. At the end of the session, anyone who likes to reflect on it with the group can come up with ideas and whether the method was helpful.

This approach is called "creative writing" and it is a guide to writing, without the compulsion to produce really demanding texts. Instead, it is about finding ideas, or expressing yourself and reflecting on why you are actually at SHA2017. "Freewriting" is practiced by numerous writers and journalists, for example, when they have writing blockades. Creative writing, in which thoughts are put on paper without thinking about it, helps to get back into the writing flow. The workshop is therefore suitable for all those who want to free themselves from blockades and at the same time want to reflect on the motto & personal experience of the Sha2017!