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lecture: Off Grid: Disclosing your 0days in a videogame mod

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Off Grid is a different kind of hacking game, and it is fully moddable. The game logic runs on Lua under the hood, and all the computers you hack, whether desktop PCs or IoT devices are their own Lua VMs allowing modders and hackers to create their own LUA hackable devices, hacking tools, and data types. This flexibility allows anyone to model real life or cutting edge hacks in the game, so next time you find a bleeding edge exploit, why write a white paper, when you could model it in a mod and pass it on for people to play?

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Videogames have a culture of being a unique medium for exploring complex systems and ideas. 'Off Grid' is a third person stealth / hacking game which forges weapons for hacking tools and ingenuity, and it is completely moddable.

The idea being that players, modders and hackers (many of whom caught the hacking bug by messing around with games in the first place) will be able to use the game to tell new and interesting stories about hacking and surveillance, create new hacking tools in the game, and who knows even drop a 0day or two for real...

Expanding on a talk given at Electromagnetic Feilds camp about Iot vulnerabilities as a game design method, Rich and Harry will give a live demo and talk you through Off Grid, and show how the moddable API they have been developing means that players and modders can not only use Lua to build new levels but also their own hacks, hacking tools, data types and vulnerable IoT devices and computers for fun and profit!