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The ultimate Hackerspace; From Panopticon-prison to Hackervillage-Castle-compound

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The ultimate Hackerspace; From Panopticon-prison to Hackervillage-Castle-compound

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The Hack42 hackerspace has had some unusual buildings to call its home.
Our previous location was a former German-built army base in the Netherlands that retains NATO razor-wire fencing and is still blurred on Google-Earth:

But in the game of Hacker-spaces there is always a next-level to be achieved. So we are now looking to take over a former Panopticon-prison-dome compound with 17.000 sq meters of office space inside a walled compound near the center of Arnhem. De center-piece is a domed building almost big enough to hold a Space Shuttle.

We want this to be a permanent hacker-camp like EMF or the Dutch and German camps where we do all things hacker-space but on a European scale. Hackers can stay for a few weeks or months to do projects, students can do graduation projects under the wings of academic leadership and starts-ups can find their feet among a network of
like-minded people. There will be bandwidth comparable to Universities and cheap electricity, that we hope to make ourselves as much as possible.

We welcome ideas for making this hacker-space a place for hackers all over the world. With your help we'll turn a panopticon-prison into a panopticon-fighting community and have a lot of fun doing it.