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workshop: Localizing Technology, Together

The benefits and how-tos of communally localizing technology, virtually and in physical spaces

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Through localization of technology, users not only get to contribute to their favorite technologies, but get special insight into how a technology functions and get a hand in ensuring a tool works effectively for their community. The localization process can be even more engaging and productive when done as a group which opens up the opportunity for individuals with diverse technical and professional backgrounds to collaborate through linguistic overlap.

"Localizing Technology, Together" will introduce workshop participants to the benefits of communal localization as well as the concept of the "Localization Sprint," an event in which a community pools resources to localize a technology or resource.

The workshop will overview the concept of a Localization Sprint, including the benefits of holding such a community event over uncoordinated crowdsourcing or individual translation of technology.

Participants will learn about defining expectations and event goals; the preparation that goes into hosting such an event, including choosing a localization platform, finding the right community to participate, finding an adequate physical space; how to combine activities such as getting user feedback, creation of a glossary, and training into an event based on the needs and interests of the event participants; as well as event follow-up.

The goal of this session is to inspire participants to host their own Localization Sprints to bring together a diverse group contributors in support of the translation of their own tools or their favorite free and open source technology.