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workshop: decentralized casual crypto computing

cryptotools in urban life


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Practical Tools to Enhance Privacy in Clearnet and to Enable/Disseminate Decentralised & E2E Encrypted Network Services

#Training #NetworkSecurity #DeviceSecurity #Privacy

Covers the following topics:
- personal/casual wearable computer
- pirateboxing off the shelf devices
- TAHOE/LAFS NAS, encrypted cloud storage for the masses
- making wifi/bluetooth dead drops / decentralised storage nodes
- connecting decentralised networks via OOB/CC/FreeInternet FIDONET style

hardware/tools covered:
- rpi0/usbarmory/linux smartwatch as the only true personal computer (keeper of key material)
- replacing your CPE device (with APU/GLInet/TPLink devices)
- SeagateWireless Plus & other NAS/Wifi drive hacks
- fun 3G/4G dongles that run Linux


Day: 2017-08-04
Start time: 22:25
Duration: 01:00
Room: Pi
Track: Curated by SHA2017



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