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lecture: Building Businesses that we can Buy Into and Believe In

What it means to profit from privacy-friendly, open-source technology and mutual respect for our fellow humans

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In the age of corporate surveillance, invasive ad-driven business models and lucrative zero-days, it is no surprise that the words “profitable business” can sound destructive to internet freedom and human rights. However, if we want to change this trend and have a lasting impact, we need to make sure we can build profitable businesses on privacy-friendly and open source technologies, that respect all humans, without bias.

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This lecture will be about how we can encourage new and profitable businesses to be built from the variety of projects and initiatives we’ve created in the last few years. We will look at the existing support structures to encourage creative and ethical thinking about profitable business models and the long-term sustainability of the things we believe in. The talk will include case studies of businesses that are good, brainstorms of businesses that have potential and the identification of how we can support each other to build more businesses on what we believe in.