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workshop: LED Controller with Raspberry Pi

Control your LED strips using Flask and Websockets

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In this workshop we'll discuss various methods for controlling LEDs, and build a RPi-based controller that you can take home with you.

The project is based on the Raspberry Pi, Flask, Websockets, PCA9685 chip and analog RGB LED strips. We will be using code similar to this LED controller project that I've built. The workshop will start with a brief overview of various methods of controlling LEDs, and then dive into a hands-on workshop where you will build your very own controller!

Parts list:

  • PCA9685 16-channel pwm driver (2.50)

  • IRLZ34NPBF mosfets (3)

  • 5050 RGB LED strip 5m (6)

  • 12v 5a power supply (13)

  • Misc cables, protoboards and connectors (2)

Total: 26.5 euro

Things you should already have:

  • Raspberry Pi with SD card and Power Supply ( ~65)

Total with RPi: euro 91.5

Parts will be available on site, however you are advised to bring your own Pi.


Day: 2017-08-05
Start time: 17:30
Duration: 01:30
Room: Hardware Hacking Area
Track: Curated by Hardware Hacking Area



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